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  • Last Updated: April 19, 2024

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Dokan Pro eCommerce Marketplace Plugin Discount - 93% OFF

Official Free Demo Link: Demo Official
Learn More About Dokan(PRO): All of Dokan's Features

Dokan, powered by WooCommerce, is the best front-end WordPress multi-vendor marketplace. It allows you in less than 30 minutes to create your own marketplace similar to Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Magento like marketplaces.

Dokan is the quickest way to start eCommerce and earn money with products ranging from digital, physical to variable products through commissions.

Locations where DOKAN was featured
Dokan has received two prestigious awards with 99% customer satisfaction.

How to set up a Multiple Vendor WordPress Marketplace

How to generate a WordPress Multi-Vendor Marketplace using Dokan

Analysis of Dokan Theme: A WordPress Multi-Vendor Marketplace Theme

With many favorable reviews, DOKAN was featured in CAPTERRA
Great platform from which to start and develop your business. Provides the opportunity to expand our start-up with a low financial burden to a global level'

Dokan is a brand of immense potential. And it's been changing in recent years. A robust marketplace ecosystem has been introduced to support hundreds of happy customers using this method.

"Best WordPress Multivendor Plugin Available "

"For 3 years, I have been using Dokan. The overall software experience is awesome! ”

Last year, "Best investment we made"

"Very nice, in these years dokan has improved a lot and allowed me to create a marketplace easily"


Performance stories of individuals that we are proud to be a part of
"This is why we are proud to use Dokan, as we are able to provide you with all the tools to help manage and run a successful company."

It was very important to me that the WordPress backend didn't need to be used by vendors. This approach was proposed by Dokan."-Simon & Rozz Lewis,'s owner."

Dokan helps our coral farmers to set up their own store and sell their corals to a large audience. Dominique Deutzmann, Community Corals Founder

"The feature provides all you need for your marketplace to grow." Hawk and Peddle

We love the theory of a full front-end experience. So, vendors have their own branded dashboard at the front end of the store where they can find anything they need.

Entry to the backend is limited only to the admin. Dokan is set apart from others by this. Many of our add-ons are compatible with Frontend.

Dokan(Pro) comes with a free, sensitive eCommerce theme specifically designed for Dokan with widgets.

Quick and easy to use
With Dokan, your business operations are smooth and quick. All will work as planned because we have built the experience from famous eCommerce activators such as WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, etc, following the best intuitive practices.

For flawless operation and integration with dependable resources, we periodically keep our version updated. Not only do we keep everything compatible, but with every update, we also have a way of introducing the most trendy new features to Dokan.

See our Official GitHub Page: Dokan GitHub Official

A genuinely Scaleable Market
You can have unlimited suppliers and unlimited items can be produced by vendors. You will be able to develop markets

Physical products
Product Downloadable
Material variable
Bookable goods with the add-on Dokan WC Bookings
Through the Dokan Easy Auction add-on, auction items
Additional freedom to customize the Elementor add-on store
Earn in different forms
Benefit doesn't rely on revenue alone. Multiple forms allow for revenue through commissions from suppliers or commissions based on goods. You can also build subscription packs for price uploads, product limits and time that allow you to charge.


You can use Dokan as an admin in a way that allows you to monitor anything that happens in your marketplace. You can be diverted via product publishing, vendor registration, subscription renewal, and any other vendor operation.

With a bunch of super features, upgrades, and scope for powerful add-ons in the Pro Version.


PLAYS Good with other plugins
More than 60+ plugins are compatible with Dokan, so you don't have to think about anything when it comes to compatibility.

When you create Dokan for a global audience, you have peace of mind from shipping plugins, payment plugins to wallets.

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Further flexibility for customizing the shop
Now, never get bored with your shop's old-fashioned look. With the Elementor Module for Dokan, you have complete control over your store customization. Simply get the personalizer to be able to tailor the vendor store pages' global outlook. Drag and drop more than 12 awesome Dokan-exclusive store widgets and place them anywhere you want them. Save as many custom models as you want to use when you need them.


Elementor Customizer (Pro): To adjust its default appearance, get the full store customization authority for the vendor store page without hassle.
Independent Stores Marketplace with

With a unique URL and branding, every seller gets their own store.
Lovely storefront designs with contact information and widgets
Store position map for the front of the store. (Feature pro)
For Each Seller, Frontend Dashboard

Only administrators can access the WordPress admin area.
Vendors handle goods, manage orders, remove all from the front end of the platform.
Earn each sale from

A portion of the value of the transaction is sent as commission to admin.
The rate of commission can be customized.
Override per vendor ratio. (For) (Pro)
Quick Management of Product

From the frontend, build and handle your items.
Develop variables or items that can be downloaded. (For) (Pro)
Your vendors will have assistance for the management of Zonewise shipping. (For) (Pro)
Vendors have the option to control the attributes of goods. (For) (Pro)
Downloadable product authorization, expiry date and download cap can be handled by vendors. (For) (Pro)
Detailed information on the significant elements of your business (Pro)

Vendors will see their sales report, produce the frontend's statements and summary.
Administrators can review transactions and filter by sale, by date, top suppliers or top earners.
Use the Export/Import feature to let suppliers move easily from another marketplace to yours.(Pro)
Vendors would be able to build advanced management functions for coupons. (For) (Pro)
The suppliers are able to handle and provide discounts for each item.

Set expiration and coupon limits.
For a product/vendor with which they are pleased, the client may leave feedback. The vendor cannot change a review. (For) (Pro)
All product reviews (with admin override) are handled by vendors.
Display all feedback left by customers on products.

The Administrator can access and manage the list of vendors
Admin will display him as well as the earning reports of each vendor individually
Dokan Pro has a client update and support option.
The Dokan Tools option has Page Installer and Sync Table options.

Advanced settings for the administrator-

Specific Configuration

The administrator will activate/deactivate the map on the store page.
The administrator will turn on/off the contact form on the store page
The Administrator may also activate/disable the theme sidebar of the store.
Selling Options

The admin should handle the status of the new product.
The administrator will set the order status for withdrawals.
The admin will set the supplier's withdrawal day threshold.
The admin will alter the URL of the vendor shop.
The admin may also enable/disable vendor analysis editing permissions.
About Widgets

Best widget provider
The vendor widget featured
Contact Widget Store
Shop widget for location
And a great deal more.
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Dokan has a range of expanded features designed on the premise that, due to any shortcomings, anyone with the ability should not be limited to achieving his/her dream. Like, just like, like,

PDF Invoice: Build automatic invoices for multiple sellers with templates & PDF downloads.
Product Duplicator: Allow suppliers to duplicate an item that is already being sold by another seller.
Ajax Live Search (Pro): Turn your standard search bar into an advanced product search tool instantly.
Geolocation (Pro): Let your clients search for location by location.
Live Chat (Pro): Let your vendors provide registered users & customers with fast real-time support.
Seller Verification (Pro): Use their social profiles, telephone and even their photo ID to verify your vendors.
Stripe Connect (Pro): Popular for its low fees, all your payments are done in real time by Stripe, and much more.
Wirecard(Moip) (Pro): Use the popular Wirecard payment system formerly known as Moip with Dokan.
Elementor Customizer (Pro): To adjust its default appearance, get the full store customization authority for the vendor store page without hassle.
Subscriptions (Pro): Build highly personalized subscription packs and if you like, charge suppliers.
Vendor Review (Pro): This role allows your customers to post a review on your site for each store open.
Vendor Personnel Manager (Pro): Let your multivendor marketplace sellers have a unique chance to select an infinite number of employees to run their private eCommerce stores.
Dokan WooCommerce Booking (Pro): Enables vendors to customize their booking orders to build & sell bookable goods and customers.
Dokan Easy Auctions (Pro): Give your suppliers the opportunity to sell auction-able items.
AND MANY More...

We know that we are not fine, which is why we change every day.
There might be bugs and a lack of certain features for this. You're more than welcome if you want to contribute to this project.

Fork the Github repository fork ⁇

Upon user confirmation, Dokan Lite uses Appsero SDK to gather some telemetry information. This allows us to fix issues more efficiently and make product changes.

SDK from Appsero does

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