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    We Purchase and Download From Original Developers, to provide the most authentic & relevant version. Note: We're not directly affiliated or associated with Easy Digital Downloads All Access developers and we appreciate the authors' effort and original work. Names, expressions and trademarks are used to the minimum extent necessary to truthfully and accurately identify the item.

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    The File Is Scanned Daily by Norton & McAfee to ensure safety, 100 % Free from Virus / Malware / Malicious Script etc. Run your own online Security check now (button under product image).

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    File can be used on as many sites as you want, in accordance to WordPress's GPL licensing policies. 

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    WordPress enforces the GPL/GNU license on ALL plugins & themes that 3rd party developers create for WordPress. The GPL license means that every script written for WordPress and their derivatives, must be free (Including all plugins and Themes). We are able to offer prices which are incredibly low for official items due to the fact we purchase all items directly from the authors and redistribute them to the public. The Price is a one-time price for full access, It's not a recurring payment. Original Author Support is not included if purchased from WorldPressIT.



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Easy Digital Downloads All Access Discount - 93% OFF

Offer memberships of All Access" in imitation of your customers, so they can download any product.
Increase your income by supporting All Access memberships, which offer consumers a highly accelerated experience. All (or only some of the items you store want to hold right at the fingertips of your customers so that they need them. They without a doubt bole among or start downloading products after buying a membership. Your customers embezzle more than they would have otherwise, and also get more because each person wins their money.

They conduct bole inside or browse your website online when your customers purchase an All Access Pass because of items they can kind of download according to. Instead of the usual "Buy Now" button, between its position, they will see a "Download" button. No more scrolling through lengthy, un-searchable pages of "purchase history." In the meantime, your merchandise is superbly laid out on your website and WordPress has built-in question features. Both Access locations operate by enabling you to download customers directly beyond the sales page of and product.


This makes for an extremely simple customer experience that now looks beyond you because of a specific production. In seconds, apart from desiring to grant something extra, she can scan, locate, and download. They can download whatever they want, whenever they need, then just where they want. In keeping with your customers, this makes it simple, easy, and useful.



Set the time of having the entry correct to (any era length, out of endless under in conformity with a individual day)

Enable endless downloads or set load limits (for example 1 day/week/month/year down load care)

Enable entry to be regulated by category after each product, but (s)

Enable only imitation of particular value versions to be admitted to

On a customer-by-customer basis, change bypass settings

Build "tiered" unbounded passes. "Gold", "Silver", or "Bronze" are accepted to the ranks, for example.

Restrict somebody's website, article, then product material (like embedded videos/text).

Enable goods to be purchased one-by-one in line with AND sell All Access.

Consequently, All Access Only passion goods can ONLY be downloaded using an entry right to transfer

Accept renewals without delay

Upsell to All Access with a buy button.

Display any manufacturer's "Login" connection (useful because present All Access customers)

Tool compatible with various pre-installed purchases inside All Access Passes

Shortcode, as shown by something without an All Access Pass after humans (useful for income info)

Shortcode, since it just reveals items that the client installs using their All Access Pass

Shortcode that informs clients every aspect of their All Access Pass (downloads left, etc)

Discount Codes: Require a valid membership in All Access since unique discount codes comply with the use of lies.

Integrations of EDD extensions that are ignorable


EDD Recurring: Offer memberships with auto-recurring access

EDD Software Licensing: Offer "Master Licenses" that operate with all products but allow for pro-rated upgrades.

Frontend Submissions & EDD Commissions: Split the earnings equally among store vendors in addition to All Access.

WordPress integrations, like lousy plugins

Restrict Content Pro (RCP): With a single click, move your contributors and their subscriptions from RCP to All Access

Periods of time

The need for an All Access Pass expires at the end of the day you pick. If the All Access Pass of a consumer expires, it will not stay in a position to download further products until it is replaced through re-purchasing. This opens the door according to ordinary income namely consumers aren't merely paying because thine files – but additionally the ease about using thy website. They use your website as a "cloud" utility force that saves them rigid drive space, but goes everywhere with them. This ease-of-use makes it worth paying a daily rate. If you want to routinely accept recurring payments from your All Access employer (as opposed to manually repurchasing them each period), take a look at the EDD Recurring extension outdoors. It flawlessly matches All Access.


Limit All Access in conformity with relevant products

By design, All Access includes access to all products in the shop. However, you perform restrict an All Access Pass so so much it gives the patron access after simply a particular category about goods, yet also detailed output variations.


Sell Levels for Membership

This also makes it possible to offer "levels" of membership. "For instance, you may want to use 3 All Access Products known as "Gold," "Silver," and then "Bronze. Then you could put in the "Bronze" commodity in imitation of just hand over access in imitation of "small variations of production, "Silver" in imitation of giving admission to after "medium" variations of production, and "Gold" in compliance with commend access according to everything. Because of them and their budget, customers then choose the membership process as superior jobs.

Limits for Download
If you want to track the number of downloads the customer uses every day when designing the All Access Pass product, truly combine the amount. When the consumer uses beyond their day care downloads, those intentions no longer stay in a position to that amount day after downloading something else. You can handle their downloads for regular, weekly, monthly, or annual periods.

Limited embedded material

All Access does so well if you need to escape the viewable content material of any website, article, or output, as only you legitimate participants can argue the content (such as embedded videos or text). This involves easy-to-use shortcodes that you pack around embedded content so that only legitimate members can check it out.


The shortcode content limitation built-in to All Access goes far further than simply banning content in compliance with your valid members. It also enhances the person's ride by smartly outputting a login form along the buy button (only as needed, unless the individual is logged out). In imitation of run searching for login varieties, the present individuals will not keep and non-members work without buying access problems. When the bear has been bought and signed in the restricted content is unlocked so it can try it.


Examples on how many All Accesss can remain in use

Only with regard to any digital shop should the use of this extension be significantly obtained. Here's a fib out, not much so:


Stock media websites-Multi-vendor markets-Royalty-Free media websites-Websites that sell software-Video apartment websites (such as mini-Netflix websites)-Music learning websites-Online coaching websites-Selling publications-Band/Artist websites (VIP content)-Selling eBooks or audio books-Selling sheet music, quilting instruction


Photographers who sell their own images

With the ecosystem given by EDD All Access, selling photographs includes a whole latter income opportunity. As a photographer, your customers can now use your website as a "cloud," logging between always uploading images whenever they need and paying you every month because of having the right of entry in compliance with your photo files. The convenience (searching, organization, etc.) offered by your website would be well worth the charge for customers who need your images. Plus customers who can bear only 1 but 2 pictures purchased bear the choice according to give extra than those would otherwise bear, while having an extremely extended ride or access according to more pictures route.


Royalty-Free portals in the media

Photographers come to be able to add the same advantages up to expectation in imitation of someone type over media wight sold. If you promote music, sound effects, video clips, then someone sordid form over downloadable file, your customers get the same "cloud" journey as the opportunity they don't need to clutter over their very own hard drives, including documents that a project may like. Instead, download what you need when you want it at the bottom of your website. Your website will transform them into a recurring customer, then your customers can discover a high level of experience. It's a win-win state of affairs for both you and your clients.


Websites/multi-vendor markets for stocks

All Access is Faithful since, beyond exceptional manufacturers, "Stock" business websites along with hundreds of images, songs, videos, graphics, or files. Because of the incorporation along the extension of the EDD Commissions, splitting above the All Access Charge of a customer is automatically handled. You aim to attract excessive attribute vendors who consistently perform enormous goods by paying commissions only after businesses whose products were undoubtedly downloaded with the help of the consumer, and clobber oversea suppliers just looking for effortless money after editing. If it really accumulates virtue in conjunction with your digital store, you won't be paying businesses.


Large Bundles

With an odd press, any classes in your store will become "bundles" to that amount due to sale. A music website, for example, should promote an entire "Songs" class as well as a bundle. You don't need to re-upload manufacturing archives, so packages can have an infinite amount of documents between them.


Video leases

Video rental websites, video tutorials (like, track lessons, but it is less difficult than ever to sell any crappy sort of minimal video content material. By using the protected short codes according to embedded video content material that can only be accessed in compliance with active, paying, All Access customers, you can sell admission to your already hosted movies in minutes.


Integrations involving extensions of EDD mean

After unfolding astonishing current probabilities due to your digital store, powerful integrations have been rendered along the prevailing EDD extensions.


Sell All Access periodic passes along with recurring payments

All Access is easily incorporated with the EDD Recurring Payments extension, allowing you to sell All Access Pass memberships that are mechanically renewed when computerized subscription payments are made by the consumer.


Split earnings earned beyond All Access pretty via Commissions

If you have items from deep unique Vendors in the digital store then you need to offer tidy commissions in accordance with them the All Access extension also integrates along the expansion of the EDD Commissions in accordance with the flawless measurement of a fair, weighted fee based on which the user selected the Vendor's goods after downloading with their All Access Pass. See how all of this works.


Offer master licenses through the Licensing of Software

Does the EDD Software License extension offer or use software? It integrates fully as well as correctly, enabling you to encourage all access licenses accordingly. That means that because of the whole over your goods, your customers can buy a single agree to that quantity works or you don't need to alternate a single tier about code according to. Therefore the approval key will expire when the All Access Pass expires. This is also huge because Bundles of software up to expectation want according to piece a unaccompanied approve key.

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