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Bimber WordPress Theme Discount - 93% OFF

Amazing Viral, Demos magazine
For shared viral material, we have several demos, such as lists, surveys, quizzes, breaking news, memes, gifs, gags, social bookmarks, videos, open lists, freebies, celebrity news & gossip. Inspired by popular websites such as BuzzFeed, 9GAG, Reddit, Hacker News, Bored Panda, and their clones on YouTube.

Main-inspired by BuzzFeed and other popular sites for buzz production. Preview all features of the viral theme at one venue.
Reddit, Hacker News and other social bookmarking sites were influenced by Relink. For your own WordPress-based social news aggregator, this is a great launch. Users upload content that is then modified or downvoted by others such as links, text posts, and photos.
Inspired by 9GAG and other online sites to share funny GIFs, memes, videos, gags, jokes, funny stories and even NSFW pictures, Gagster. Users can upload their own content from other social media sites like YouTube, Instagram or Facebook, create memes with a meme generator or embed content. Video auto-play is supported by the homepage template when videos join the viewport.
Freebie-showcase recent freebies, free goodies, web-wide design tools, prizes and samples. You can add premium content and make some money with paid membership plans particularly free things. With the Download Control plugin, there is also a full integration, so visitors can download any freebie safely.
Affiliate-inspired by ThisIsWhyImBroke, Shut Up And Take My Money, and other affiliate sites that are great. Through the Frontend submission tool, daily users can submit cool items, geeky gadgets and odd gifts they have found on Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Banggood, etc.
Bunchy-inspired by several list-based posts, open lists and ranked lists from Bored Panda and other social media platforms. Let the users of the group send new content to lists already published and vote for the best submission. Constructing a viral content sharing site is an all-in-one solution.
Celebrities-present breaking stories of celebrities, hot celebrity gossip, and recent celebrity news, entertainment, royals, music, movies and TV shows. Add galleries, videos, posts from Instagram, posts from Twitter as well as gif images and pictures from the exciting show business world.
Optimization of Viral Content
Build picture lists, gifs, self-hosted videos and embeds.
Lists that are popular, hot and trending
For famous, hot, and trending posts, fancy badges
With big bold navigation, paginated posts
"Visibility threshold for share count-no more "0 shares" messages
"View count threshold of visibility-no more messages "1 view
"Comment count threshold of visibility-no more messages "0 comments
(Not Safe For Work) NSFW posts
"Maximize page time with sections "You might also like", "More from the category" and Don't miss
Benefit from Social Media
When used correctly, social media provides you with more money-making opportunities than you might think. Create enough faith in your followers and they will be more likely to verify your suggestions. Start using channels for social media with:

Big buttons for social sharing with a simple call to action
First Major Stars
Sharebar Sticky
Sharing of Picture
Integration for Social Comments (Facebook, Disqus)
For viral newbies, fake counters
Possible Places:

Share buttons before the substance of the post
Share Buttons after Content Article
Shares Micro on photos
The social ties of the web in the header
Social ties from the platform inside sidebars with sticky options
Site's Footer Social Ties
Media comments after uploading material (Facebook and Disqus)
Media Widgets: Widgets

Page for Facebook
Inside Instagram
From Twitter
YouTube Programs
On Snapchat
Counters Fake:

Fake shareholdings
Views of fake website
Fake Votes
Fake answers
Allow money with ads
Supported by various ad providers:

Advertisements on Google AdSense
Platforms for distribution of content like Taboola, RevContent, Outbrain, etc...
And several more of them,
Multiple slots for ads

Automatically injected ads into post listings
Ads with sticky choice inside sidebars
Ads within the text of the article, before the first paragraph, etc...
Ad before the field of the header theme
Ad in front of the material theme field
"Ad before the collection of "You might also like
"Ad before the collection of More from
"Ad before the section "Comments
"Ad before the collection of Don't skip
Other methods of Monetization
Links from affiliates
The donations
Content Charged
Items Promoted
The Post Block (Single Post) Shop
Block (Global) Shop With Us
Shoppable Images
The Papers Funded
Posting List
If you are interested in internet marketing, you have undoubtedly learned that The money is on the list." A broad email list is a key to making money online and to the success of long-term internet marketing.

Free, widely common MailChimp for WordPress plugin integration
Personalized styling
Subscribe form after post material, collection of inside grid, collection of inside list and sidebars inside
Submission from Front-end
Snax Viral Front-End Uploader plugin, our dedicated viral content submission solution, is included in Bimber:

Tale (like post to WP)
Meme (Build a funny pic)
Open List (users are able to apply and vote for new items)
Listed List (The best item can be voted for by users)
Classical List
Quiz on Trivia
Quiz on Personality
Poll Classic
The Versus Poll
Hot Vote or Not
Image (photo, gif)
A gallery
Audio Audio
Embeds (videos from YouTube, images from Instagram, Facebook, etc.)
In operation, check Bimber+Snax

Unique (built-in, no 3rd party plugins required) features
Uploader of Frontend
Editor for Viral Picture
Playlist for Video
Gallery Lightbox
Quizzes For
(Open, Graded, Classic) lists
Reactions & Insignia
Creator of headers
(Hot, Trending, Popular, Top 10) Top Lists
Ads / newsletters / goods auto-injected
Misleading Counters
NSFW-not fit for work
Menu on Off-Canves (Hamburger Menu)
Ajax Searching
Panel Tracking codes
Header Sticky
Sidebar Sticky
Widgets For Social Media
Plugin for posts (sorted by: date, views, votes, downloads, shares)
Post Random
Places, Ranks and Badges
Viral Story Paginated
Lazy Load Lazy Load
Watermarks Watermarks
Protecting Hotlinks
Director of Picture Sizes
Popup for Exit-Intent Newsletter
Ad Slide-In
Advertisements Manager
Detector AdBlocker
Image Shoppable
The Post Shop
Marketing Tools for Affiliates
The Papers Funded
The donations
Items Promoted
Multiple widgets sticky
Voting archive
Menu Super
Infinite scroll and regular pagination (optionally triggered using the Load More button)
Auto load next post, auto load next post
Sidebar Left/Right
Two sidebars
Simple to Use
You can find the theme very basic and intuitive to use, no matter whether you are a novice or a WordPress ninja. With simplicity in mind, every single feature, module or UI control has been created and you should be able to use them without looking up the documentation.

To start with, 15 + predefined demos
One-Click Install Demo
Demo Components Install/Uninstall
With Live Customizer, Preview switches automatically with
Intuitive Interfaces Drag & drop
Drag & drop gui to adjust the order of single post elements
Changing the order of Drag & Drop Interface footer modules
No knowledge of coding needed
Well recorded Documentation
Simple to change
It can be a challenge to find a theme with the same design, layout and all the features you need. Bimber is a highly customizable WordPress theme that allows you to change different components and customize each feature of the site so that it looks and operates the way you want.

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