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  • Current Version: 1.4.2
  • Last Updated: September 7, 2021
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    WordPress enforces the GPL/GNU license on ALL plugins & themes that 3rd party developers create for WordPress. The GPL license means that every script written for WordPress and their derivatives, must be free (Including all plugins and Themes). We are able to offer prices which are incredibly low for official items due to the fact we purchase all items directly from the authors and redistribute them to the public. The Price is a one-time price for full access, It's not a recurring payment. Original Author Support is not included if purchased from WorldPressIT.



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Super Bundle for WPBakery Page Builder Discount - 93% OFF

Get 20+ Plugins from 1 Addon-WPBakery Web Builder Super Package (formerly Visual Composer).
Supercharge your WordPress website with add-ons such as Video, Background Parallax, Carousel Something, Text Animation, and more. A single addon will find ALL of our intestinal addons!
We've been making hundreds of the best WPBakery Page Builder addons or WordPress plugins since 2014. Inside an individual giant, we mixed the beneficial plugins, then low cost addon, so you can label along with your website.
Important: For this plugin to work, you'll want the WPBakery Page Creator. The WPBakery Page Builder Mega Package and WPBakery Page Builder Ultimate Addons are both well matched. This might no longer work, including themes/plugins, so WPBakery Page Builder will be heavily updated.
The Super Package since WPBakery Page Builder provides you with an outstanding set of almost finely tuned diagram elements and resources that will supercharge your experience with WPBakery Page Builder.
And we're not talking about the frequent entry of discrete colored boxes, then headings styled in another way.
We're talking about special, environmentally friendly plugins with extraordinary functionality, such as the ability to solve your rows, including splendid curving separators, timed entry animations, Macbook Pro mockups, or the ability to preview your content as updates in the backend WPBakery Page Builder executor.
We're talking about heavy stuff.
Get 20+ plugins in 1 addon. Build better WPBakery websites with amazing design features
Features of Kick-Ass
Switch to far-away reasons, namely that you need them.
Background Impact
Take you pick out the distinct historical history effects of the plugin to become shiny up your site: Parallax Backdrop that hits up down, left and right, YouTube and Vimeo Video Backgrounds, Hover Backgrounds, Color Cycle backgrounds and Background Gradients.
Choice according to up, down, left and right parallax route in line with engaged parallax route
According to your context, add shade overlays
Just reproduction yet paste a Vimeo hyperlink on Youtube in conjunction with flip such in a context
Only add a photo or we're going to make it slope and job atop hover.
Background overlay of the color wheel
Switch the velocity of the colour cycle to travel rapidly and slowly.
You can use or combine specific historical findings from the past.
Separators for Rows
Emphasize your material content with 70+ tier separator designs for your web pages. Add comparisons of consolidated and photo historical past rows by way of incorporating funky separators in them.
70+ customizable, extraordinary designs of SVG rank separator
Separators from the top & backside
Vertically scale separators and pop horizontally to them
Add outlines or monitor their coloration and thickness, then
Option after adding your own rank separator designs for SVG
Entrance Animations for Row Scroll
Attach your rows and content to outstanding effects; keep them coming in from various directions, namely running up the view, and selecting next to hundreds of our other animations. Offer an immersive twist to your web page as many of your visitors scroll through your page.
Thirteen Entrance Animations
14 Animations for Exit
Handles existing Row Settings of WPBakery Page Builder
Pure Javascript for velocity is chronic, no jQuery
Disables handheld devices to load faster pages
Lightbox Video
A big video lightbox pop-up opens by adding video and picture thumbnails to the number now pressed.
YouTube, Vimeo, and WEBM & MP4 Self-Hosted Video Popups
Using thumbnails of pictures or videos
Big video lightbox fullscreen size
SVG Draw Effects on Animation
Upload or animate your own SVGs in imitation of how they seem to be on your website as they are life big.
"Animates SVGs using the effect of "live drawing
Conversion of SVGs between outlines
Adjust the colour and thickness of SVG slaughter / outline
Choose from 3 distinctive types of brush augmentation: Delayed, Simultaneous, then One via One
Text Effects for Animation
Decorate your website online along charming headlines using typewriter, scrambler, fade, random letter, vertical flip, yet vanish text animations.
Six Special Effects for Text
Input exceptional words then conjoin timing because appearances of textual material
Add a few implications for an unaccompanied website
Adjust color, scale, and more of the textual material
Count of Numbers Up
In imitation of your numbers, add an entry animation to write upper matter to them when it turns out to be visible over your computer.
According to the use of elastic, easy but convenient depends on the amount
Add a route and a summary, then
Adjust font volume and color with regard to the matter
Adjust font quantity and heading color, then summary descriptions
Add prefixes and suffixes such as decimals, ratio marks, currency symbols, etc.
12,000+ Icons SVG
Thousands of SVG/vector icons for your website can easily be searched and used, then used as standalone icons or interior buttons.
Over 12,000 icons with SVG
Option after Collecting hyperlinks for icon imitation and/or inserting icons in buttons
Customizable background shapes and styles are specified by any icon because
Option to add buoyant effects to your icons in accordance with
Carousel of Everything
Build carousels with posts, alone and clustered pictures, text, buttons, something or display them an elegant kick in conjunction with your hand over the website.
Place a carousel object for others such as text, pictures, images, or;
Testimonials, mockups, icons, anything-widgets.
Build a carousel since posts and custom post forms have 2 preset styles: lucid, then those that use the featured picture as the legacy.
Fonts via Google
Easily pick for you headings next to complete 800+ Google Fonts then row and column care of everyday textual content. With the support of your theme's default, you will no longer be limited by choice.
All 800+ Google Fonts that can be accessed without difficulty on your WordPress backend
Previewing all fonts when choosing
No external subject matter boundaries than plugins
Image Unit, Video and Slider Mockups
Place your pics next to special customizable ones in desktop, tablet, and smartphone mockups, and smoke your pick out.
Wrap images and videos between tablets, laptops, browsers and computer mockups.
40+ mockups of High Resolution devices to choose from
Accessible in one of a kind colors, Apple (iPhone, Macbook, or more), Samsung, or HTC mockups
Only upload images and enter Youtube & Vimeo video recognition to mimic the location of a mockup.
Choice to display only partial mockups because of the effects of diagrams
Hero Bins of Conviction
Display your pictures, including obvious delay effects, in sleek, interactive boxes. Great provision that you need a fun spin to give up your page sketch.
30 lovely, interactive designs
CSS animations that are fast or hyper-smooth
Choice to brim on peer boxes after attaching single hero containers
In imitation of hero boxes, add coloration yet glow in
Magnify Factor Loupe: uptake
Loupe: Idea Magnify Feature or Loupe brings to your website an interactive magnifying glass, which is sizeable since you look at the finer small print of images then text. Great for websites that are focused on goods.
Interactive; bring your photograph next to it to magnify
Choose and hover beyond Click-and-Drag
Choose round and rectangular loupes for
Customizable scale, color, thickness and opacity
According to you Loupe, incorporate shadows but sparkling effects
Add differently-styled loupes to your website
Slider Before and After view
Show an interactive slider to display top-over-all images before and after each other. Nice because of earlier than or below shots, then because changes are showcased.
Ideal for viewing "Before & After" photographs for overhaul or make-over scenarios
Supports vertical or straight splits, and diagonal and then angular splits, an advance for picture sliders from WPBakery Page Creator
Option to click on & stretch out and volume bar in imitation of pass through hover
Change the shade of the slider and then the distance
Set Slider Starting Point
Match or healthy settings selected by you
Tiles of Isometric Conceit
Place pix in beautiful isometric tiles and boost the aesthetic of your website. According to other pages and posts, the tiles work as nicely or serve as hyperlinks.
10 isometric layouts: triangles, arrow squares, rectangles, arrow rectangles, squares alone, stacked squares, more...
Clickable & Hoverable
Option after thine tiles in conformity with conjoin ties
Adjust the angle of your slope, side colors, tile scale, gaps, and more.
Auto-resize images to mimic the shape of tiles
Break out parent containers yet endanger the entire width of the page
Container CSS Animator
Add special rows as they animate the entire intimate lot. Build extra complex input animations to add style between your pages in a similar way.
40 Animations for CSS Entry
7 Animations for CSS Loop
Animate an individual or a few elements
Duration of adjustable production & delays
Option in conjunction with animations of hain together
Add delays then time your animations
Includes simple, completed fields
Hover Animations for Rows and Content
Then make intricate effects because of your rows or material so much animated on hover. Beautify your web page. You can collectively tussock more than one hover animation, so simultaneously apply then hover on.
10+ tier heritage delay animations delay animations
8+ delay factor animations
Change the color of textual content, disappear, absorb, travel up, down, left, right, decrease or expand,
Option to flip the full range of a connection in compliance with
Customizable: tweak one-of-a-kind excitement houses as quantity of haze or bevel
Free Search View (Unsplash, Flickr, Pixabay, Giphy, 500px)
Scan and import photos directly next to the Media Manager for WordPress. You can request and import images without leaving the WPBakery Page Builder executive while editing your content.
Check beyond uninterrupted snap shots

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