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WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator Discount - 93% OFF

Sale unit priced products or allow customers to add their own quantities with a measurement price calculator
Although WooCommerce makes selling t-shirts or mobile phone covers simple, many of us often sell items that are not sold in "1" quantities, such as flooring, wallpaper, or more. The WooCommerce Calculation Price Calculator will solve the issues that you have probably encountered in setting up and pricing these goods.
The WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator extension allows you to connect and modify your goods with a calculator that is sold in quantities based on their dimensions, square footage, length, or weight. This enables you to sell items that have a known per item measurement easily. Let's assume, for example, you have tiles that are sold for $2.09 per square foot, and you sell a tile box that covers 35 square feet or a bigger box that covers 60 square feet. You can easily enter the box size by using the same price per square foot, and the calculator will show the total price per box.
Instead, would you like to encourage clients to tell you how much they need? The Measurement Price Calculator also allows you to sell goods by measurement unit (per square foot, cubic yard, etc.) based on the price. You may be selling mulch at a price per cubic yard, allowing the customer to provide a mulch area and depth, and the calculator derives the total cubic yard and final price. Configure every unit combination and configure labels to suit the needs of your shop!
WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator: Pricing Per Unit in Catalog
Main Functionalities
Using the Product Quantity Calculator based on known product measurements (i.e. tile box)
For goods priced and sold by unit: foot, square meter, cubic yard, etc (i.e. garden mulch by volume, wallpaper by area), use the pricing calculator.
"Product prices can be shown in shops and on product pages per unit (e.g. "$1.75 / ft", "from $3 / sq m")
Inventory support for pricing calculator: commodity inventory can be handled "per unit"
Dynamic weight of pricing calculator: product weight can be set/calculated "per unit" for shipping
Pricing calculator pricing table: price breaks set based on simple measurement ranges for goods
For all physical attributes, calculators are available: dimensions, area, surface area, volume, or weight.
Calculators for area, volume, perimeter and surface area all allow simple inputs or length, width and height to be entered separately.
Use any unit combination
Optionally, include an overage estimate automatically NEW when allowing user-defined inputs
Customize Labels for measurement and pricing
Set minimum and maximum values or the agreed phase / increase on the measurements entered by customers NEW NEW
Supported variable goods for unit pricing, shipping weight, and inventory
"Special calculator "Room Walls" to sell wallpaper
Calculator of WooCommerce Measurement Price: Pricing Per Unit in Catalog
Any of the options for the product
Just a few possibilities:
Tile sold in a box covering a certain area: demo Tile sold in a box covering a certain area:
Variable mulch sold by the cubic yard, providing an area and depth to the client: demo
Colorful fabric next to the yard: demo
Based on room dimensions, wallpaper by the roll: demo
Foam sold in the cubic foot
Fencing for the perimeter of a garden
Coffee advertised for a pound
Wrapping paper according to surface area
Yeah, and more...
One Plugin, Two modes of calculator
You may configure two distinct calculator modes with this single plugin: quantity-based and user-defined. Check out the documentation to learn how to setup items for each mode. The quantity-based calculator is suitable for the sale of goods with a fixed measurement, such as a tile box with square footage provided. The calculator will be displayed on the frontend, prompting a length and width (for example) for the customer. You set the mark and the units to use and the minimum number of boxes can be easily purchased by your customer depending on the area of their floor and the coverage of each tile box:
WooCommerce Calculation Price Calculator Commodity quantity mode
Selling a tile box using the quantity calculator
As shown in the sample image, as is common with tile sales, the plugin can be configured to display the price per unit". In order to calculate the price per unit, the price for the product e.g. one box of tiles) will be separated by the configured size of the product (e.g. square foot coverage of the box of tiles). Of course it is possible to use any of the calculators: scale, area, volume or weight, with any combination of units and custom labels.
On the other hand, you can sell goods which are priced per unit and sold in custom sizes using the user-defined calculator mode. This calculator is suitable for selling items that are personalized to order: fabric sold by the foot, for example, with a customer's length given. When the 'Calculated Price' option is allowed, the price per unit and the sum entered by the client will be specified.
The client would be able to supply the desired duration on the product page and see the final price depending on their dimensions:
WooCommerce Calculation Market Calculator Price per Yard
On the cart tab, order information, addresses, and order admin, the user-supplied calculation is shown:
Cart Page for WooCommerce Calculation Price Calculator
Inventory Support for Pricing Calculator
In the latest version of the plugin, inventory for custom sized items (user-defined mode) can now be handled "by unit." You have the freedom to account for commodity inventory in the same units in which it is sold with this option allowed. For example, if your item is fabric by foot, you can configure your product inventory in terms of fabric feet available, so a total of 20 feet would be deducted from your product inventory if a customer orders two 10-foot lengths.
Inventory Control for WooCommerce Calculation Price Calculator
Stock from the Foot
Calculator of Pricing Dynamic Weight
You can now set a per unit" weight for your user-defined calculator products. For example, by allowing this choice, you can set a weight per square foot so that shipping costs can be summed up correctly for goods personalized by your customers.
Example: Pounds-based shipping per Square Foot
Example: Pounds-based shipping per Square Foot
Panel for pricing
We are pleased to implement the pricing table feature for basic items with prices that differ based on the total measurement of the item. For your pricing calculator goods, you are no longer bound to a single price per unit- simply specify one or more pricing rules consisting of a measurement range, a price per unit, or a selling price per unit, and the rest will be taken care of by the measurement price calculator. The price will be changed instantly on the product page depending on the customer's configured product size.
Price Calculator Pricing Chart for WooCommerce Calculation
Easily configure size-based product prices that differ
Show the price available with a simple shortcode on the frontend that can be used on the product page or anywhere shortcodes are approved. Encourage your clients to spend more with discounts that they can see. Would you like a comfortable place to explain this? In a custom tab added by the premium tab manager, how about listing the price schedule:
Thanks to an easy but efficient shortcode, prices on the frontend are still up to date.
Thanks to an easy but efficient shortcode, prices on the frontend are still up to date.
Dimensions (length, width, height), area (simple area or length x width), surface area, perimeter, volume (simple volume, area x height, or length x width x height) or weight, with any combination of units and personalized marks, can be used with any of the calculators. You can customize product calculators that are as special as your product line with the Measurement Price Calculator!

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