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Review & Comparison: The Top 9 WordPress Page Builder Plugins in 2020

To create a professionally built business website, your company needs a simple and inexpensive solution. It’s because, instead of wasting time playing with codes to build new page designs, you want to concentrate on our business development.

Not long ago, I felt an urgency to move to a WordPress page builder solution when I was using Rowling-A Free WP Theme on this website.

No doubt, Rowling ‘s theme (and we still use it on many other sites) was exceptionally fine, well coded, and SEO friendly altogether. Even so, I wanted to upgrade to something that could allow me to quickly make professional design changes.

I ‘m sure that if you’re reading this post, you’re stuck with the same decision I made a few weeks ago.

You already know that there are plenty of WordPress builders on the market for drag and drop. I built each page builder on my demo sites during the process of selecting the best WordPress page builder plugin for this blog. Before making the final decision, I monitored the functionalities, page editing features, plugins, models, and many other items. Later in this article, I’m going to address each of these builders with you, one by one.

I will also share the builder’s name at the end of this WordPress page builder list that I’m finally using on this website.

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What do I look for in a plugin for a WordPress page builder?

These WordPress page builders are a handy tool which allows even a novice to create a website in HTML or CSS without learning a single command. All these drag and drop constructors allow users to pre-set or re-arrange the elements in any order and position them on the page wherever they want. One of the main reasons why page builders are getting more in demand these days is also the simple re-arrangement of components.

Still, how do you identify them?

All the plugins I tested for the WordPress page builder provide quick and versatile solutions for designing and customizing a dream website. Not all of them, however, are easy to use and have as much versatility as they are supposed to have.

Here are some of the parameters I looked at when selecting myself for the top builder plugin:

No prerequisite for coding. My first big requirement was that the modifications I want in my design do not need any coding skills to implement. Even if I hand my website over to a newbie, with mere drag and drop, he should be able to edit design changes.

This should allow me to turn to another builder at any moment. What if, after some time, I changed my mind and decided to move to another builder? Without leaving its huge chunk of shortcodes, the builder should allow me to uninstall itself and switch away to another page builder.

I have been able to reuse models & modules, and even my designs. It should include a range of libraries of material, such as stock images, premade graphics, models, modules, etc. At the same time, with simple import / export options, I should be able to replicate a page design to a different location. I also wanted a choice for my custom designs to be copied and pasted easily and used as a template for other pages or posts.

A big element is often responsiveness. These days, this choice should be fairly normal, but I have seen page builders that respond to pre-made templates, but do not respond to custom design layouts. I wanted something that would also deliver custom templates that were completely responsive.

I need to speak to someone. Even if the website builder is simple to use, either by phone or email or with video tutorials or proper documentation, it should come with friendly customer service so that I won’t get lost anywhere.

In addition, I wanted a moderately priced WordPress builder to provide value for money.

Let ‘s look at some of the best WordPress page builders today with my regular benchmark listed above …

Notice- In any preferential order, they are NOT listed.

The Best WordPress Page Creator Plugins Our Top Picks

#1. Elementor


Elementor is taking the WordPress industry by storm with a user base in the millions. It is a freemium builder plugin for WordPress theme, with an arsenal of features and functionalities to create beautiful professional-grade templates without touching a single line of code. However, its intuitive, beginner-friendly interface is the primary reason behind its enormous success and massive adoption rates.

This builder plugin provides you with access to a catalog of more than 150 pre-made demo models combined with more than 300 different design blocks and 30 widgets. In addition, all these can be used to help you build websites , blogs, forms, popups, and much more. Best of all, it is totally sensitive and mobile-friendly to any content or design you create using Elementor.

What I liked about Elementor:
100 percent Free is the basic Elementor Creator.
Live demo to immediately see the updates.
Provides more than 150 + models & 90 + modules for Pro.
The Pro edition contains several useful modules, such as a pop-up builder, a WooCommerce builder, etc.
Extreme customization can easily be achieved.
With daily updates, SEO has optimized sensitive templates.
What I didn’t like about Elementor:
In the Pro Plan, most of the important features are covered.
There are confusing global and static models.
Options for back-end page editing are not available.
There is somewhat minimal styling and fonts.

#2. Themify Builder

Themify Builder

When it comes to designing beautiful website templates, Themify is an incredibly potent and versatile WordPress page builder plugin. The builder gives you access to a boatload of premade templates to get you started, combined with the powerful drag and drop options for building custom layouts as well. In addition, you’ll also get access to 12 builder add-ons with access to advanced content and design elements to complement the design potential of the page builder.


The base edition is fully free and can be used with any other theme on top of that.


The ‘WordPress Page Builder’ is a free edition, while the ‘WordPress Theme Builder’ is a pro version. Note this distinction, please.


To help create something exclusive to your brand and website, you can also use the page builder to make tweaks to all this pre-made content.


What I like in the construction business Themify

Drag and drop creator, which supports both front-end and back-end page editing.

The Live Preview features make it possible to watch the improvements made in the preview mode.

Build any custom layout and press a button to import or export it to other pages.

40 + pre-designed bricks, 60 + effects for animation.

With almost all big WordPress plugins and themes, including the free version supports integration.

Supports multi-site support for responsive templates.

What didn’t I like about Builder Themify?

There are no review blocks available.

#3. Divi

Divi Builder

By far, Divi Builder is one of the most popular and strong builders of drag and drop websites. You get access to over 20 customizable templates that are pre-made and look great as they are. On top of that, with the header & footer designs, an intuitive options panel to tweak theme settings, A / B split checking, and much more, you can get options to play around.


To help build a special and complex interface, it offers users a full WYSIWYG design experience. 46 content modules can be accessed by users, each with its own collection of customization options and support for custom CSS. Full Summary Read- > >


What I liked about the builder of Divi Page

Divi Creator comes bundled with the theme Divi, and can also be used on any WordPress theme.

With 100 + premade site templates & modules, Divi Builder is packed.

Customer service is outstanding, and Divi provides a money-back guarantee of 30 days.

What I haven’t liked about Divi

Divi Builder provides so many options and features for beginners, which can often be overwhelming.

The shortcodes do not move to another page builder for WordPress, meaning you’re stuck with Divi for life.

When designing more complicated templates, some bugs can bother you.


#4. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a premium drag and drop page builder plugin for WordPress, combined with over 30 professionally built templates pre-made. For landing pages, content pages, and much more, these models provide several niche-specific design layouts. And you can easily edit them using the drag and drop page builder features if you are not fully pleased with the pre-built page designs.

What is most amazing is that, even after you disable or uninstall the plugin from your website, all the templates generated with the plugin will function flawlessly. The ability to edit / create posts and pages and to construct multi-column layouts (even if the base theme does not allow it), mobile-friendly interface layouts, and much more are other notable features.

What I Like About the Beaver Plugin Creator
Beginners-friendly, incredibly easy to use gui.
To start over easily, it comes with an exclusive library of page templates.
Even the cheapest package comes with unrestricted website access assistance.
You can save the page templates and re-use them later.
More fitting for departments.
What I didn’t like about the Builder of the Beaver
No option for backend editing.
Does not come with the choice of the Form creator, or custom codes for the content modules.
There’s a free Lite edition. The cheapest option, however, begins at $99, which is very pricey as compared to other alternatives.

#5. ThriveThemes

ThriveThemes Builder

ThriveThemes consists of a bunch of WordPress website plugins and conversion-focused themes. All items are made available under a one-time or annual subscription plan that can be used to build awesome UIs, with UX based on increasing lead generations and conversion rates. ThriveArchitect, a drag and drop page landing page builder for WordPress to help you create beautiful layouts, will be one of their most notable products.

You will also have access to a wide range of professionally built themes for your web design to be used as templates, so you don’t have to start from scratch. In addition to this, you also get access to a whole host of numerous plugins to create landing pages, create online quizzes, customize page support, and much more.

What I loved with ThriveThemes
An comprehensive set of more than 327 landing page templates is one of the best plugins for building landing pages.
For your customers, create some conversion-focused websites.
To expand your email list quicker, build an opt-in form.
Comes with optimizing headline-running A / B checking for headlines.
With the Quiz Creator, develop your unique quiz.
What I wasn’t interested in about ThriveThemes
Overwhelming for beginners, the interface is filled with features.
No options for 3rd party plugins.

#6. Visual Composer

Visual Composer

Another famous builder for creating WordPress themes for drag and drop is Visual Composer. It boasts over a hundred thousand systems that are operational. The plugin lets you construct any layout with an abundance of content modules & design elements, backed up by an intuitive page builder gui.

Now, just so that you don’t have to build from scratch, the plugin offers you about 25 different niche premade templates. Using the many content modules that can be extended using Visual Composer framework add-ons, you can start your design by building on top of these layouts. Other notable features include dedicated header , footer and sidebar tweaking editors, custom JavaScript & CSS support, in-depth customization options for each module, options for grid power, and much more.

What I liked about Builder Visual Composer
To stylize your website, it offers a full range of elements.
Both frontend and backend editors are provided by Visual Composer.
Build custom templates or save rows or parts as a template.
More than 200 addons from third parties are available.
What I didn’t like about Builder Visual Composer
The gui is daunting, saturated with advanced functions.
Options for a limited page design.
If used for several pages, it can be costly.
It is incredibly slow to use The Builder.

#7. Brizy


Brizy is a new block-based WordPress page builder plugin built for users who most appreciate fluidity and intuition. In essence, this implies that the plugin contains the most useful and essential features and functionalities while leaving out the extra fancy features that are not used in the real world. This is not to suggest, however, that the plugin lacks a feature, where you can get your hands on more than 150 pre-made blocks, ready-to-use from the get-go, alongside multipurpose templates and layouts.

But Brizy Builder ‘s key feature highlight is how it treats the whole experience of designing. A clean frontend editing gui is provided to you, where only the correct choices will show up when you need them. The gui, otherwise, remains entirely clutter-free, giving you a perfect image of your design.

What I loved about Brizy Builder
A seamless working environment without any hassle is provided by the clutter-free design.
Intuitive drag and drop page builder where, like a breeze, anything is possible.
It comes with 150 premade templates and blocks for multipurpose use.
A broad range of interface components for stylizing your website.
The cloud autosave option allows you to save changes automatically, and all your work will be saved instantly.
Huge 4000 + icon set.
What I didn’t like about the Brizy Constructor
Compared to other WordPress theme creators, they are still young and lack certain major features.
There is no Tablet View available.
You do not change parts of the header and footer.

#8. Themeum

Themeum Page Builder

The Themeum plugin provides a wealth of functionality and versatility, enabling you to create amazing templates in a matter of clicks. You get access to an intuitive drag and drop framework that is designed for quick site development and is compatible with nearly every WordPress theme on the market.

Feature-wise, to help you get started, this page builder plugin has around 60 design blocks, over 38 addons, and 27 layout packs. All this is bundled together with a dedicated library into a versatile row-column layout creator where you can save all your designs. It also deals with custom post types and offers you an intuitive means to customize them according to your will, allowing drag and drop.

What was I interested in about Themeum Builder?
The frontend builder from Themeum works super-fast.
Build your blocks in the library and store them.
Wide range of ready-made blocks to accelerate workflow.
It comes with support for WordPress widgets and 38 + addons of content.
Duplicate every layout with just a single press.
What I didn’t like about the builder at Themeum.
The API provides minimal options for making custom addons.

#9. SiteOrigin


Among the free to use page builder plugins for WordPress is SiteOrigin. The plugin ‘s success with over a million active installs lies in its vast array of useful features that produce special and practical designs. It is one of the best free solutions for using any kind of widget to create sensitive column-based layouts.

You will now have access to a bunch of pre-made templates for building home forums, pages, contact pages, and even e-commerce sections, as is the case for almost every page builder plugin. There are also plenty of stock images packed in, so you would not have to search to locate the demo images. The plugin offers a wide range of blocks of content and the ability to use widgets to help you create on top of the templates in your content area.

What I liked about the builder at SiteOrigin
With full support and updates to easily build templates, Siteorigin is available for free.
The history browser feature helps you to browse the history by rolling backwards before you hit your point to erase any errors you made previously.
Live Editing Frontend.
Mobile responsive templates with a preview feature to see how the content will be displayed by mobile users.
To easily set your templates, it comes with content building block widgets.
What I didn’t like about the builder on SiteOrigin
The user interface is way too basic and straightforward.
If the theme is downloaded and installed, the widget kit needs to be installed separately.
What Page Builder Plugin for WordPress is right for you?

All these WordPress page builders above are filled with feature-rich features. All of these page builders work wonderfully well, and what suits your needs is just a matter of choice or your preference.

If you want to use a page builder with your current theme, you can customize any website builder to edit your already configured theme based on your particular requirements.

However, the best option will be to select a builder that comes bundled with themes if you want to start new. There are several such options, such as Divi theme bundled with Divi builder, Jupiter theme bundled with Elementor page builder, and Free Themify builder comes with Ultra theme. Most multipurpose themes typically come bundled with one or another building plugin.

Here are my assumptions to make things a little simpler for you:-

Consider Elementor, Themify, or SiteOrigin, if you want to start for free.
Consider Elementor, Divi, or Beaver Builder, if you want a trustworthy builder.
Try Siteorigin if you want a simple-to-use page builder.
Go for Themify, Divi or Visual Composer if you’re looking for a more powerful page builder with support for advanced coding.
If website leads and conversions are your focus: Thrive Architect.
Go to Divi theme for Divi Builder, Ultra for Themify Builder, or BETheme for Elementor Builder, if you want a theme coupled with a builder plugin.

You want to see what we’re using? We use the Themify creator on this blog that comes bundled with the Ultra theme. We use Divi and Elementor on a couple of our other websites too. These three are, in my view, by far the best WordPress page builders currently.

Now it’s your time,

Let me know if this list is useful for you and which WordPress creator you are planning to use for your projects. In the comments section below, WordPress users who are already using any of these builders are welcome to share their experience.

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