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We're doing a test comparison of 2 of WordPress' most common cache and speed plugins in this experiment: WP-Rocket vs HummingBird PRO by WPMU Dev. We also mention the current running best deals on both WP Rocket & HummingBird PRO, which are both available for Killer prices ($4.99!) on WorldPressIT! 

Before independently downloading, setting up and running WP-Rocket or HummingBird PRO, the testing environment was similar.

The tested site is hosted on WorldPressIT Controlled Hosting Servers at the moment of this evaluation.

The WP Rocket homepage.
Since its inception, this premium WordPress caching plugin has been making waves in the WordPress community - you might claim it's taken off! Its success is due to excellent assistance, detailed documentation, and interesting progress reports.
Features Caches each of your websites.
Using dedicated crawlers by simulating visits to pre-load your cache.
Upon request, it loads images to increase page loading times.
Minify your HTML, JavaScript, and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) files automatically.
Optimized with Google Fonts for use.
Completely compliant for even quicker loading times with CloudFlare.
WordPress Multisite Supports.What kind of user is this plugin going to benefit?
Many who trust a skilled solution that is easy to set up, provides fast results, and is backed by its developers with solid support. WP Rocket might seem a little costly at $49 per site, but it is worth the cost.


The Hummingbird homepage.

Hummingbird is WPMU DEV's entry into the caching wars for WordPress, and it's a good one. Thanks to its comprehensive performance reports, this WordPress caching plugin brings ease of use to another level, and the ability to activate each feature at the drop of a hat.

  • Provides you with a detailed performance report.
  • Includes advanced minification features.
  • Ability to set the longevity of your cached files in your visitor’s browser.
  • Works alongside other WordPress caching solutions.
  • Fully compatible with CloudFlare and other major Content Delivery Networks (CDN).
  • Supports WooCommerce out of the box.
Which kind of user will benefit from this plugin?
Hummingbird is the perfect WordPress caching plugin for you if you do not want to deal with a complex setup, and are trying to get the most bang for your buck. Its dashboard is easy to use, and for a single fee, the WPMU DEV membership allows you to enjoy their entire plugin list.


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